Baby Swings for First-Time Parents: Baby Swing for a Newborn 👶

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Babies are cute and adorable until they get all grumpy and irritable. The process of finding out where the problem is even more frustrating since they can’t speak. The only option left is to swing them to try and come down. Here I will be covering the best baby swings for first-time parents.

God knows all the swinging is so tedious, especially when you don’t have someone around to help you. A baby swing comes in handy in such situations (thank heavens for technology). It will help rock your baby until he is calm.

With various baby swings in the market today, each with enticing features, finding the right baby swing for your little one can be an uphill task. We understand that and thus scoured the internet to get you all the features you need to consider when buying a baby swing.

Baby Swings Buyers Guide: Features to Consider

Below are some of the features you should look out for when buying a baby swing for your baby. Please note that it may be challenging to find all these features in a single swing. Therefore, you should pay attention to the features that matter to you the most.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

1. The Baby Swing Type

Baby swings come in two broad categories- baby swings and toddler swings. A baby swing can be used from birth to around 18 months or when the baby weighs 14kgs. A toddler swing, on the other hand, is suitable for 6 months old to 2 years.

The above categories can further be divided into two subcategories- full-size baby swings and portable baby swings. Ideally, full-size swings are large and are designed to be set in a permanent situation, and they are also cumbersome to carry around.

Baby Swings for First-Time Parents

On the other hand, portable baby swings are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry along. These seats save on space and also come in handy when you are traveling. Additionally, they are cheaper compared to their full-sized counterparts.

2. The Seat

This is where your baby will spend most of his/ her time. You should therefore ensure that it’s top quality. Look out for a well-padded seat with a soft, non-toxic cover.

 Baby Swing for a Newborn

Where there is a baby, messes are inevitable. Thus you should Check on The washability of the seat. Some of the questions that should guide you are:

It would also be better if you got a detachable seat. You can use it as a stationary seat sometimes. Adjustable seats are also advantageous. They allow you to recline the seat to a comfortable position.

3. Safety Harness

Safety belts are a crucial part of the swing. They help to keep the baby in place and to prevent accidents such as falling.

To strap the baby securely. Make sure that the belt has at least 3 harness points. 5 harness points are, however, the safest and the best.

4. Sturdy Frame

go for a baby swing that has a sturdy frame. It should be stable enough to hold the baby’s weight without threatening to tumble down.

The best frames are those made from metal. Don’t fall for other generic made frames made with plastic and other materials.

Also, go for a frame with broad base support as it ensures the stability of the swing. Just make sure that the legs are not protruding too far to avoid toppling on them.

5. Head and Neck Support

Look out for a seat that has a detachable head support system. It will allow you to provide a headrest for the baby during his awake time and remove it during naptime.

6. Swinging Speed and Direction

The main reason you want to buy a baby swing is so that your little one can be soothed by the smooth swinging motion of a swing. Right? It’s therefore essential to consider the speed and direction.

It would be better if you bought a swing with adjustable swing speeds. You will be able to adjust the speed according to the baby’s preference. Also, it will come in handy in case your baby suddenly changes its motion taste.

Baby swings usually come with either front to back or side or side to side motions. Since it’s hard to predict the type of motion, the baby would prefer to take a baby swing with both motions.

7. Portability

As you may probably already know, there are stationary and portable swings in the market. If you are an outdoor person, a portable baby swing will come in handy as you can easily take it with you.

An excellent portable baby swing should be lightweight, compact in size, easy to fold, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

8. Power Source

baby swings are either electricity-powered, battery-operated, or have power modes. A battery-operated baby swing is perfect for portable swings. However, they can be a bit costly as you have to keep on replacing them. You should also have an extra pair of batteries.

Most full-size baby swings are electricity powered. You plug it in, and it starts to operate. You, however, should be very careful with such swings. You should know the voltage required to run it.

9. Entertainment Factor

Besides the swinging motion, baby swings come with an assortment of entertaining features. These features help to keep the baby busy during awake time. Some of these features are:

Final Words 🎯

Though you can’t tell the kind of baby swing that will impress your baby, you get to decide the features that you think are good for him/her. We hope this buyers guide has given you the insight you need to choose the best baby swing for your child. Happy shopping.

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