10 Best Baby Night Lights You and Your Kids Will Love

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Almost all parents are well aware of the challenges that come with putting their toddler in bed. In fact, it is one of the most difficult jobs they do experience in a day. However, investing in the best baby night light will help them get their kids to bed easily.  The night light will not only work in easing the fear of the dark but it will also help in preventing frequent trips and falls for parents who are  after checking their kids at night.  The best baby night light will act as a great addition to the kids’ bedroom, stairwell as well as bathroom.

The wide variety of baby night light in the market has made it quite difficult for parents to shop for the best in the market. The night lights are available in all sizes and shape something which has made it a bit difficult to settle on a specific product. In this review guide, we will be looking at the best baby night lights currently available in the market together with important things you need to look at before purchasing a particular night light.

Here’s our pick of the best night lights for babies and toddlers

1. Night Light Star Projector Twilight Turtle Classic

twilight turtle classic best baby night lights
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 Coming first in our list of best night light currently available in the market is the Night Light Star Projector Twilight Turtle Classic. The level of cuteness that comes with this night light will completely blow you off the road. Apart from being cute, it is also entertaining, educational and very comforting. 

This Night Light Star Projector Twilight Turtle Classic will display a night sky that is full of stars onto the walls and ceilings of your kids’ room.  This helps in making the night time less frightening for the little child. Actually, this night light is an award winning piece that has earned lots of praise from both critics and previous buyers.  The craftsmanship that was involved in this projector is quite amazing. Every piece is well hand painted to offer it a unique and stylish look.

On the educational part, it will help parents to learn about the eight constellations with their children. They will help teach your child the difference between the big bear and the big dipper thanks to the little guide which is well illustrated using the projector.

This Night Light Star Projector Twilight Turtle Classic is available in three colors namely, blue, green and amber. All these colors do serve a purpose.  For example, the blue color will help evoke the sense of calmness while the green color will offer a healing atmosphere with the amber emitting serenity and warmth.



2. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine
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This Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine is a very popular baby night light and sound machine which can easily be controlled using a smartphone. It comprises a completely unique time to raise function that can be of great help when it comes to assisting kids in developing a regular wake/sleep schedule. It also comes with an extensive customization option for volume, timers, color and brightness. For sure, this Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine is well worth its higher price.

One of the top features that comes with this Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine when compared to the other night lights available in the market is that  it is controlled using a smartphone app. It is possible to adjust remotely all the customization options that are listed above using the smartphone.  This best night light for babies is quite unique from other night lights in the market which are controlled using built-in controls. The smartphone app will enable you to turn off the sound machine and light without waking up your child.

Another top feature of this Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine is that it comes with completely extraordinary options. You will for sure love how easy it will be to control the amount of sound and light.  Most of the other night lights do have a limited auto turn off feature that will automatically turn off the night light after a specified period of time.



3. Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine Moonlight , Owl

Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine Moonlight , Owl
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The Skip Hop Baby Sound Machine Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight is a very creative night light that comes well packed with tons of top features. It is very compact in size and lightweight which makes it capable of being placed right next to the kids crib or bed.

It is of owl shaped design and comprises multiple lighting functions. The top of this nightlight is well fixed with a projector light to help in illuminating the ceiling with stars. The owl’s stomach glows well to offer a more traditional night light effect. The owl’s wings act as speakers while this night light comes with up to 8 different preprogrammed melodies from which four are nature sounds while the other four are lullabies. They help in soothing your child to sleep. The light controls can be found at the units’ rear end.

The light controls are found at the rear part of this night light. Its light is a timer function. You will appreciate that its sound can easily be muted whenever the lights are on and its volume is also adjustable despite not being possible to turn the sound on without the lights being on. This night light users did find that the projectors field of view is quite narrow hence hard to have the light placed in the room. Despite the unit coming with a warranty period of one year, its customers did find that the lights burned out without the time frame.



4. Fisher-Price Smart Connect Deluxe Soother

Fisher-Price Smart Connect Deluxe Soother
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The Fisher-Price Smart Connect Deluxe Soother is among the most popular baby night lights currently available in the market. One great feature that makes most parents go for it is that they can always control this device using their smartphone.  The smartphone option features three sound options. You can always select from the sound nature, the white nose or the soothing music to help your baby sleep or relax.

This Fisher-Price Smart Connect Deluxe Soother does have three different lighting options where you can always choose from. The units’ base is capable of lighting up to help create soft amber that is well colored. It is also possible to select between projecting animals or stars on the ceiling.  The base of this night light is capable of lighting up to create completely soft amber that is colored. It is also possible that you choose between projecting stars or animals.

It is possible to select between using one lighting option or put two options together or you can decide to use all the three at the same time. This night light can be paired with your smartphone making it able to control it remotely. This app also comes with a sleep stage tool that you can use to help customize the bedtime routine to enable your kid fall into sleep every night.



5. VAVA Home VA-HP008 Night Lights for Kids

VAVA Home VA-HP008 best Night Lights for Kids
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The VAVA Home VA-HP008 Night Lights is well designed to enable kids to use it with lots of ease.  This night light for babies suits the smaller kids much better than toddlers. What sets this night light apart from the rest night lights currently available in the market is that it is not only touch sensitive but can also be controlled by touch.

The light of this VAVA Home VA-HP008 Night light is well designed in part to help educate kids how to interact best with technology. Most of its users did find that the touch sensitivity of this night light is very responsive, something that makes it very easy to use.  The brightness that comes with this light is adjustable but only between the low and high making use of the power button on the light’s bottom part. It also comprises a SOS mode that is quite perplexing to some of the users as having the light blink is not that suitable for sleep. The users of this night light did like that it was possible to switch between the hard white colors and the cool white colors.

The light is provided by LEDs that provides it with a long life battery span of up to 80 hours. You can charge this night light using USB although VAVA does not recommend that it should be left plugged into power for long since it can damage its battery.



6. Bubzi Co Baby Toys Owl White Noise Sound Machine

 best night lights Bubzi Co Baby Toys Owl White Noise Sound Machine
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Are you in need of a night light with more personality? Then Bubzi Co Baby Toys Owl White Noise Sound Machine fits the bill.  This night light is very adorable and snugglier when compared to most of the baby night lights currently available in the market. One best thing about this night light is that apart from its appealing design, it is very snuggly and soft.

When compared to other night lights, this Bubzi Co Baby Toys Owl White Noise Sound Machine is something that can easily be cuddled inside the crib. In case you want to ensure that the projector shines well on the ceiling or on a wall and does not affect your kids eyes, having it outside the crib will be the best option.

Another great benefit why most parents usually prefer going for it is that it is very easy to clean it. It is also possible to remove the sound unit and the projector unit which makes it quite easy to keep animal components which are stuffed clean and fresh.

However, this Bubzi Co Baby Toys Owl White Noise Sound Machine has a very limited auto turn off feature. The sounds and lights can automatically turn off after 30 minutes and there is no way you can change that. It is less flexible when compared to other night lights in the market.



7. Night Light Star Projector with Twinkling Twilight

best Night Light Star Projector with Twinkling Twilight
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This Night Light Star Projector is well known for its unique night light and the stars projection. It comes with a plush and soft turtle base with the turtle’s shell having a smaller star opening where the inner lamps can project from. Whenever it is powered on, its stars may easily be projected on the ceiling and walls. It is available in blue, amber and green colors.

Most of the toddlers together with older kids will for sure adore this night light as it can be used as a plush toy and a night lamp. The night lamp shell features stars displaying one to three different illumination of light.  Any toddler will for sure enjoy the stars on the ceiling or walls. The stars will help kids to calm down quickly or fall asleep within a short time. In fact, it is a perfect toy and a product that the older kids can always go to bed with.

It is possible to save this night light battery since it comes with an automatic shut off feature. This baby best night light is capable of projecting stars using up to 8 different constellations to enable you kid to learn about the universe right from his or her room. It will also enable your kids to choose from different colors such as purple, green, blue, twinkling pink and twinkling aqua. This will make it perfect for use inside the kids’ room.



8. Lumipets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light with Touch Sensor

best Baby Night Light with Touch Sensor
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This Lumipets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light is gaining popularity very fast in the market. It is very popular thanks to its simple controls, functions, modern design and light variations.  The lights are known to be very popular for their cartoon designs.  This night light comes with an eye care feature together with controls for light brightness.

This Lumipets Cute Animal Silicone comes with a remote and is in a perfect shape of a bear. However, since it is a soft night light, it is not advisable that you use it on kids below one year old. It should still work when you leave it on the night table.  This Lumipets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light comes in up to eight different colors changing its mode every time. It is also very portable thanks to its lightweight nature. It comes with a battery life of between 12-20 hours and it is possible to recharge the battery when they go off.

The type of silicone used in its night light is latex, phthalate, BPA and lead free. Even if your child accidentally gnaws on it, it will never cause them any harm.  It is also cuddly and soft enough to comfort any kid. This night light will also help in effectively lighting up the room. You do not require anything else from the baby.



9. MINGKIDS Lullaby Night Light

 MINGKIDS Lullaby baby Night Light
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This MINGKIDS Lullaby Night Light ranks top among the best night lights in the market. It is very effective as it will help get your child asleep at night within a few minutes. This night light does display a wide variety of stars on the moon for the kid to gaze at. It comprises up to 12 songs and has an inbuilt rechargeable battery capable of lasting up to 12 good hours.  The make of this night light resembles that of the First E-02 night light. Despite not being the strongest, one will always have to be very careful never to drop it otherwise the chances of it getting damaged will be increased.

When you consider its features, for sure, it is worth investing in this MINGKIDS Lullaby Night Light.  Its batteries are rechargeable and capable of keeping charge for up to 12 hours with music and light on. It is a very convenient night light to use on the kids.  It will cast very romantic stars together with a moon projector on the wall or ceiling and will not only have a warm night light but it will also cycle through colors green, blue and red. It is made using a removable white dome that you can decide to have it operate as a night light or consider having a romantic projection show of stars and moon.

It is a perfect night light suitable for kids especially those who are scared of the dark during bedtime. It is of cute design and produces a romantic atmosphere that will quickly make your child fall asleep. Your child will no longer cry because of darkness, in fact, they will day dream and dance underneath the starry sky.



10. 2BEONE Night Lights for Kids

2BEONE best baby Night Lights for Kids
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This 2BEONE Night Lights for Kids is a very cute looking giraffe that is made from premium materials which are nontoxic, hypoallergenic and safe.  This night light is completely free from BPS, phthalates and BPA. Most parents do consider it to be among the best night light you can use for feeding kids. It does emit warm glow although it will always remain cool and very safe to use. On the inside, there are long and durable LED light bulbs which will never flicker or dim.

It has energy saving capability together with a soft glow that mimics candlelight are some of its top features. It is very relaxing and calming and of cordless design. You can always place it beside the bed or have it cuddled while inside the bed. Cleaning it is very simple and easy as it comes with a smooth and washable surface.

No Kid will refuse having a friendly glowing giraffe standing tall looking over them. Its low temperature battery powered LED offers a flicker free orange candle like light. Using it is very simple as it comes with one button, the on and off control.



Buyers Guide: Important Factors to Consider When Buying the best baby Night Lights

With the wide variety of night lights in the market, most parents especially the first time buyers get it difficult on which night light to purchase. We have tried making their work easier by looking at some of the important considerations they need to make when shopping for the best night light for the kids. Here are some of the important factors they need to consider.


Majority of the night lights are not that large, however, size is an important factor that needs to be considered before making any purchase. For instance, if you will be placing the night light on the shelf; ensure that what you buy will fit on the shelf.


Most people never bother to inquire or check on what a particular night light they are interested in buying is made of. The materials used in making these lights usually vary from models and brands. For instance, there are night lights which are made of washable silicone while others are made of child safe plastic which is less squishable. It is important that you know the type of material used in making that particular night light you have narrowed down on as it will help reveal how durable it is. Night lights made using hard materials are most likely to break when a kid drops it down.


The brightness of a nightlight is of great value to its effectiveness. Ensure the night light you are about to purchase is bright enough to illuminate the room but should not be too bright to keep your kid awake. Since the rooms, times of various night lights and the outside natural light do vary; it is advisable that you go for a night light having multiple lighting modes which can always be adjusted.


Almost all the night lights currently available in the market have either a motion sensor or a daylight sensor on them. The daylight sensors are known to be great for lights which you will want to remain on the entire night and turn off automatically in the morning.  With the motion sensors being great especially when you are in need of frequent checks on your child late in the middle of the night.


For sure, you will not need to have the light on throughout the night. There is a time when you will want to turn it off after your child has fallen asleep. There are night lights which come with a timer function that allows one to set light and turn it off without moving from their seat or bed.


According to a number of research findings, playing music for your child when they are in bed can have a positive impact on their brain development. The music will also help in ensuring your child relaxes and makes it easier for her or him to fall asleep. Although it is possible to add speakers separately in your child’s room, there are night lights that come with speakers and several others have relaxing melodies which have been designed to assist the kids to sleep.  You need to ensure that the model you choose allows for the control of volume and is able to turn the music on or off.


Majority of the night lights are normally made to remain in working condition for a period of up to 10 years or much longer that your child will need it to help him or her fall asleep. However, the durability of night lights is usually correlated with the cost. It is therefore important that you always expect to pay more in case you are interested in having your light become a permanent home fixture.


The LED lights are well known for the high safety levels since they never heat up compared to the CFC or incandescent lights.  It is however important for any parent to remember to place their kids’ night light somewhere where it will not be blocked by materials that can easily catch fire or heat up. They also need to ensure that the night light is kept away from water since that can easily lead to electric shock.


Most night lights do have a short warranty since they are mostly inexpensive. Although there are some products that we have reviewed that do not have warranty at all, it is advisable to always prefer purchasing a night light that comes with a warranty period.


Since the night lights are of different designs, sizes and come with varying features, their prices usually differ. There are some which are very cheap, others are quite expensive. It is advisable that you go for what you can afford. However, do not rush for the cheapest as they will most likely not last for long.

Night Light Safety Precautions

It is important that you always educate yourself on some of the important safety hazards that come with using the night lights. Here are some of the safety precautions you need to consider when using the night lights.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the frequently asked questions concerning the best baby night light in the market.

What is the most preferable color to make your child fall asleep?

According to recent research findings, there are certain colors of light that can interfere with melatonin production. Melatonin refers to a hormone which is capable of inducing sleep. Some of these colors include blue and white. 

When is the right time to stop using night lights?

Night lights can be of great help especially in helping make your kid fall asleep. However, as kids continue to grow old, they might instead find this light to prevent them from sleeping.  This means they are no longer serving their purpose and are instead affecting the kids sleep. When it gets to such a point, then it is advisable you stop using the night lights on your child.

Are night lights the only method I can use to help my child stop fearing the dark?

Although there are other methods you can always use on your child to enable him to start getting used to the dark, the use of night light is the most effective, efficient and easiest method so far. However, kids are known to quickly grow out of fear of the dark after a few years or even sooner.


Our overall top three best baby nights lights in the market are the Night Light Star Projector Twilight Turtle Classic, Hatch baby rest and the Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl. All these three-night lights are of different designs and suit different types of kids and ages.

The Bubzi Co Soothing Sleep Owl brings all the top features of a stuffed animal with night light together and offers great features such as the shut-off timer together with the star projection mode.

The Night Light Star Projector Twilight Turtle Classic is specifically designed for projecting stars on top of the kids’ bed to help keep the child focused and entertained. It resembles a turtle which makes it quite interesting to the child.

This Hatch baby rest is the winner of the best baby night light in the market today. Thanks to its smartphone app feature which makes it possible to make fine brightness adjustments and sleep time. It is also capable of playing music through its speaker.

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