10 Best Play Kitchen for Toddler- Reviews and Buying Guide

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Do you have a child who loves playing with spatulas, spoons, mixing bowls or other kitchen items? Is your little one always helping you out in the kitchen? If yes, then it is high time you invest in the best play kitchen for toddler. The pretend kitchen game is one of the most imaginative and popular games among small boys and girls. They do offer great way of promoting imaginative play while helping develop fine and gross motor skills.

 Scientists world over have continued to expound on the importance of kids engaging in pretend plays. There are different types of kitchen play sets currently available in the market that resemble the full size designs right from the basic, modern to the retro. Majority of the kits do come with different accessories like dishes or play food. In this review guide, we will be looking at some of the best play kitchen for toddler currently available in the market.

The Best Play Kitchen Sets For Toddler

1. KidKraft Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds

 KidKraft Best Play Kitchen Sets For Toddler
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 Coming at first position after a series of research and analysis is the KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen. KidKraft is well known for coming up with some awesome toys in the market.  This company has manufactured a few play kitchen models that have completely unique twists.

The KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen feels like a real kitchen since it comes with battery operated lights and sounds. Its stove burners, fridge dispenser makes lots of noise. Every knob turns and clicks with a completely surprising realism amount. All the appliances of this play kitchen are usable as the kids can always open them up and toss in food. The microwave, stove and oven are its big three appliances.

It also comes with a play washing machine which has been built in a design that will make some people feel strange. However, most modern kitchens are known to have dryer/washer hookups in the kitchen making it a completely common play kitchen.  Since it is made of wood, it is quite heavy although assembling it is quite easy although not that fast as it can take up to 3 hours.

It comes with a user manual that is crystal clear. If you keenly follow them one step at a time, you will always have this play kitchen up and running in no time. In case you are in need of a play kitchen that seems real and have the real look of a modern kitchen, then think of non other than the KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen.



2. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

2. KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen 1 1
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 For decades, KidKraft has proved its credibility in making kids happy. This firm is well known for making real pretend play toys like train sets, pretend kitchens and doll furniture. It also makes lots of educational equipment like puzzles and instruments. One of its top products is KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen.

This KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen is well designed to help kids feel like they are grown up and in a real kitchen. It comprises of all the details. Its espresso components are made of wood and colored with speckled counter top giving it a high end feel. For sure, any kid will love playing in it as it feels real and the parents will never feel like it is an eyesore. The appliance that comes with this play kitchen is made to look like they are made of stainless steel finish.

This Play kitchen for toddler contains appliances in a modern kitchen. There is the microwave, dishwater, freezer, fridge, oven and stove. It also has lots of space for 2-3 kids to play together without having to get into each other’s way.  The appliances can also double as storage space for cooking gear, play food and other types of toys. It does have more than enough room in there that can hold all the extras a kid can require to play as a master chef.

One of the trade off that comes with getting this great and spacious play kitchen is that there will be some assembly that will be required. Although most uses do find it straightforward to assemble, there are a few who find it quite frustrating especially to the first time buyers. The accessories never come up with this play kitchen; hence, you will have to purchase them separately.



3. KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set

3. KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set
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This KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set offers a large corner play for children. It is mainly available in two different colors: brown and white. In case you have more than one child, definitely there are times when there will be fights between them if the play kitchen lacks enough space and tools for everyone. However, this KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set is one of the best play kitchens for toddler that will help solve this issue.

Be sure the kids will fall in love with its realistic kitchen appliances. It does have a specious space design that helps in ensuring there are not too many cooks inside the kitchen. It does have a sink with a faucet and a refrigerator, oven, microwave, turning taps and even a washing machine. All KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set doors open and close while its appliances produce sound and lights such as the light up stove burners and rumbling of the ice maker. It also has a cordless phone to enable the kids make calls to their friends.

This best play kitchen for kids has a number of shelves where kids can store their pretend plates, cups and more. There are hanging pegs which offer space for their pans and pots and other accessories like utensils. It comes with a battery powered ice maker that makes it real ice cube noise. Be sure the kids will always love this play kitchen.



4. KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen

4. KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen 1
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The KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen is another top and great play kitchen for toddlers that will delight your child. This play kitchen has been designed to be large enough to accommodate more than one child. It does come with a set of metal accessories like a pan, pot and two spatulas. In addition, this KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen also boasts of having some lovely and great touches like dishwater, microwave, pink cloth curtains that are located behind the sink and a fridge. Apart from that, this fridge also comes with a great water dispenser and has a door that opens and closes.

It does have a country kitchen style and comprises appliances that are white in color and pink accents. The arrangement of all the appliances that come with this play kitchen make them look as if there are windows situated above the sink. All the doors found in this KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen can open and it does have a storage space below the dishwater, fridge and microwave. It does have hooks which hang above one of the windows for utensils.

Since this KidKraft Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen is a corner style kitchen, the placement might not be that convenient. However, when you have a corner available, then it will be a good fit. It is a pretty short play kitchen and might be uncomfortable for the older children.



5. KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen

5. KidKraft Deluxe Big Bright Kitchen
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Whenever you come across a play product from KidKraft what fills your mind is that this is a reliable and great kid’s product. The KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen is no exception as it is one of the most reliable and top plays kitchen products currently available in the market. It is very popular among parents whose kids love helping out in the kitchen as it offers a real kitchen experience.

This KidKraft Deluxe Big & Bright Kitchen is available in bright, multicolor and appealing design. It contains everything a kid may need for fun in imaginative play kitchen games.  This play kitchen comes with a freeze, microwave, oven and a refrigerator where all their doors can open and close. The microwave also has oven doors and windows which your child can always peep through. It comes with a removable sick which makes it easy to clean.

The oven and sink has knobs that the kids can always turn to and click. It has enough space for 2-3 kids to play at a go. It is a very convenient play kitchen that comes with a spacious storage space both above and below the sink. It is made using wood that makes it sturdy and durable. The kids will for sure be delighted with the type of experience this play kitchen will offer them.  The materials used in making it are of high quality and you can always be sure that this play kitchen will last for quite a long time.



6. Little Tikes Kitchen & Restaurant

6. Little Tikes Kitchen Restaurant Red 1 1
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At first glance, this Little Tikes Kitchen & Restaurant will look very enticing and it also comes with lots of appliances. This play kitchen has three main sections. There is a cabinet that has two shelves inside it with indentations for two holding plates and a microwave. The latter’s door however is not seen through. The next section comprises a sink and a faucet with a functional handle. Next to it there is a coffee maker that is a perfect addition since it has play controls. On the far right side is a phone complete with control buttons and a stand. Apart from these appliances, the Little Tikes Kitchen & Restaurant has forks, spoons, plates, knives and cups.

One unique this with this Little Tikes Kitchen & Restaurant play kitchen is that you can use the triple A batteries for the burner. This will ensure your kid enjoys the sizzling sounds whenever he or she is cooking. This feature makes it more fun and enjoyable. There is a fridge at the bottom with an ice maker on its front door. It has an oven with two layers inside. However, the oven door is food decal and not a see through door. This oven also comes with a working knob. In between the oven and the fridge there is a towel rail where the kids can place their towels.

However, putting up this Little Tikes Kitchen & Restaurant play kitchen will need lots of patience which has made some parents get rid of them as their legs are quite weak and do shake a lot.



7. Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen in Pink

7. Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen in Pink
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The Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen in Pink is one play kitchen from KidKraft that will really grab your attention. This play kitchen resembles the 1950’s classics although it still comes with the amenities which your kid will expect.  You can always make an order of the Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen in either Navy blue, pink, tea blue, red or white colors. Most parents always try matching the color of their kids’ room or whatever place they will place it. Since pink is common with kids, most tend to go for the Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen that is pink in color.

It comes with an oven, fridge and microwave together with a cordless phone. Its sink is removable which makes it quite easier to clean. It is of great benefit especially to the parents whose kids love using real food in the play kitchen.  Just like the other play kitchen units made by KidKraft, this Kidkraft Vintage Kitchen is also built using MDF, wood and particle board. It is perfectly designed and of high quality just like any other wood furniture in your house.

It does have lots of storage space and a number of cool features which mimic the real kitchen. For instance, its microwave plate does rotate and it is very possible to remove the baking tray in the oven. However, the process of setting this play kitchen up does take lots of time. This is because you will have to attach almost every piece by yourself and screw every single bolt. Although it is not worse than other play kitchens in the market, it will take up to three hours to set up.



8. KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set

8. KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set
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This KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen Set is a multicolor play kitchen that is quickly gaining popularity among parents due to its sleek and modern design. It comes with a metal spatula, metal pan and a metal pot all having metal hooks, 3 beets and 3 wooden carrots. It also comes with a teal planter boxes to help set them in with a brown foam insert that ensures they are always in place. It also has a recipe, wall, chalkboard menu and chalkboard labels for the planters.

The KidKraft Farm to Table Play Kitchen set does have three pretend ice cubes that will always come out of the refrigerator’s dispenser. There is a wooden knife that has a thoughtful slot where the kid can always store it. Its wooden cutting board has a hook on its left side where it can always be hanged. There are also two collapsible wood printed drawer inserts for storage purposes. The oven shelf is removable so as the farmhouse sink. The faucet can light up and make some water noises. This play kitchen comes with lots of space where the kid can prepare and cut food. It does resemble a real kitchen albeit it’s a bit smaller in size.

However, there are parents who do not like it since it takes lots of time to set up and some of its instructions can be a bit misleading.



9. Naomi Home Play Kitchen Set

9. Naomi Home Play Kitchen Set
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The Naomi Home Play Kitchen Set is a top quality play kitchen for toddler that is gaining popularity very fast. It is quite durable as it is made using quality materials.  This play kitchen is perfect for parents who are on a tight budget as it is quite affordable and easy to maintain. 

 It features a microwave that comes with a keypad, a chalkboard, a fridge, dishwater and a sink.  This play kitchen does have lots of parts for children to play with and ensure they are well entertained. One feature that makes it really stand out from the rest of the play kitchen in the market is the paid attention to detail as it makes this set more realistic enabling kids to play with.

This Naomi Home Play Kitchen Set comes with four burners which produce clicking noises making it sound like a real burner. This feature helps make it more realistic to the kids while also improving their learning skills.  The realistic features contained in this play kitchen make kids feel more encouraged to use it in more imaginative ways making it a perfect for creative thinking.

Since it does have lots of parts to play with, the kids will always enjoy themselves using the different appliances it has. This toddler best play kitchen will help develop their social skills. It is a perfect play kitchen for kids between 36 months old up to 10 years old. The realistic feature this Naomi Home Play Kitchen Set has is what makes it stand out from the rest of play kitchens in the market. The realistic features make kids play with lots of imagination.



10. KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen

10. KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen Red
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This KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen is another top quality and cute play kitchen you need to consider when shopping for the best play kitchen for toddler in the market. This play kitchen is reminiscent of the 1970’s grandma’s kitchen style. It is a very compact model and among the smallest that has been manufactured by KidKraft.  It is painted all white and can fit well with any grown up interior design.

The KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen is a very compact and sturdy and in a position of offering your child hours of play and enjoyment as a mini chef. It is highly advisable that you take your time and read through the set of instructions in the user manual before you embark on the assembly process. Spare around 2 hours of your time to work on its assembly. It is also important that you ensure you have the play dishes and food always ordered at a similar time. It never makes fun when your little child has a kitchen but does not have food to prepare and utensils to cook the food.

It comes with a removable sink which makes it easy to clean. However, it never lights up or makes any sounds apart from the knobs clicking whenever they are turned by the kids. The microwave and oven windows allow the child to keep their eye on the culinary creations whenever they are cooking.



Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Child a Play Kitchen

There are a number of benefits that come with buying your child a play kitchen. In this section, we will be looking at some of the major benefits.

Improves Imagination and Creativity

The role of best play kitchen for toddler is exciting and comes with lots of fun. It helps enrich the creativity and imagination of the child.  The play kitchen will offer your kids with an opportunity to concoct their imaginative recipes and successfully explore different ingredients.  There is lots of joy and fun that comes with the different pretend appliances and utensils that helps in creating different imaginative scenarios.

Communication and Language

The play kitchen will offer kids an opportunity of expressing themselves and engaging in storytelling. Kids are known to vocally enact whatever role they are playing which helps improve on their language development and communication. The play kitchen helps in widening the kids’ vocabulary as they start learning names of objects and foods.

Teamwork and social skills

The best play kitchen for toddler does encourage the young ones to play with their fellow kids. This helps in enhancing their social skills. When cooking, they create discussions and divide rolls encouraging teamwork. They always agree on what they will be cooking and how they will go about it. This helps the kids cooperate among themselves to help get the job done faster.

Organization and Planning

The kids will always enjoy the process of organization when preparing to cook in their play kitchens. They will always determine the different roles they need to take to organize different foods into sections. They will always fall in love with the kitchen plays immediately and learn how enjoyable it is. They will always get better with planning and organizing their kitchen appliances and utensils.

Life Skills

When kids take part in different play kitchen roles, they will be acting out different real life occupations and imitating real life situations. This will help teach them basic cooking and cleaning tips. They will know how to organize themselves, relate with other people and communicate well.

Self Confidence and Independence

When you offer your kids with their play kitchen, it will give them some self of independence. They will work on their own building their confidence level in return. When working on their own, they will be able to adapt to different roles in the kitchen which will help them grow into responsible boys and girls. They will learn to be well organized, plan well and take good care of different appliances and utensils in the kitchen. When they play different roles such as head chef in their play kitchen, they start to develop great leadership qualities which helps them grow into responsible characters within the family set up.

Buyers Guide: Important Things to Consider When Buying the Best Play Kitchen for Toddler

The wide variety of best play kitchens for toddler has made it difficult for buyers to identify which suits them best. However, there are a number of factors you need to put into consideration to help you narrow down your options. Here are some of the important factors you need to consider.

Size of set and Available Space

The size of the play kitchen is one of the factors any parent shopping for a suitable play kitchen for a toddler in the market needs to consider. The plat kitchen does vary in dimensions. It is important that you always check on the available space where you will set it before you go shopping. In case you are in the market for a standalone playset, you will require more space when making comparison with the miniature kitchen.

Another important reason why the size of the set needs to be considered is because they need to highlight the child height. It will be an exclusive to standalone set as kids will be using them while standing.  Since these pay kitchens are a replica of the real kitchens does add to the child’s overall experience.  The child should be in a position to move around and use every accessory well. In case space and clearance is an issue, you can always go for a miniature set that can fit the table easily.

The play kitchens normally come with inclusions and accessories which detach to the stovetop or countertop of the unit. Due to this, you will always see lost accessories or items which are scattered elsewhere. In order to achieve a neater setup, it is advisable that you consider a play kitchen for toddler with several storage spaces for the accessories. With this, you will always take advantage of play time to every child on how they can always make their kitchen clean.


The play kitchen makers are known to use different materials. One of the most popular materials is the plastic closely followed by wood. Whichever the kitchen play set is made of, it will always affect its overall built and durability.

In our review, we did include more wooden play kitchens as they are more durable. Children will always throw, hit or drop every piece anytime. Hence, it is appropriate to purchase something that is sturdier and can last for a longer period of time. The plastics are known to be budget friendly but lightweight and not that sturdy.


In the old days, the play sets for kids were made using cheap and bright plastic. While these vivid colors still remain in most of the items that are intended for kids, there has been an increasing trend in the toy industry to come up with a more realistic accessory and play sets. Due to this, there appears to be some sort of division on how the play kitchen is designed. Almost half of the play kitchen is brightly colored and well shaped in a manner that you can expect a play kitchen to be.

Although we never doubt this part of force driving this trend, the parents are the ones who are. Try getting a design that not only pleases you but also pleases your child. If needs be you can go with the child shopping to know the best design he or she prefers.

Lights and Sounds

Although not all the play kitchens in the market do have electronic features, the electronic features are more common with the play kitchens which are bigger and advanced. Some of the features they do have is light up heating elements which usually glow red whenever the knob has been turned or when the sizzling sound of the activated button.

All the play kitchens we researched on all were being operated by either AA or AAA batteries. There were no models with the 12V DC input option although there is a possibility that they are still available in the market.


The last factor you need to consider when shopping for the best play kitchen for a toddler is the playability. You need to ask yourself how engaging the play kitchen you are about to purchase is. From different colors and themes, the play kitchen you settle for must stimulate the imagination of the child.  One of the things you have to look at is if the stove top that lights up makes sound using its batteries.

Try imagining the number of activities your child can do with each set of accessory. More inclusion of accessories in the kitchen means more tasks. Accessories like plates and pans can easily inspire the child to add more skills and characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most asked questions concerning play kitchens for toddlers.

Why should you purchase a play kitchen for your child?

Pretend games are very important for the little ones since it helps them improve on their language, social and imagination skills. For instance, the play kitchens will help educate your kid on sharing with others. It also helps them develop cooperation and teamwork. Play kitchen will also educate them about the different roles they can always take up and not necessarily be a main chef.

How will play kitchen influence language development of the kid?

One of the best methods you can use to help develop the language skills of your child is by investing in the best play kitchen for toddler. Playing with the different appliances together with play food will help your child to improve on their vocabulary. When playing with other kids, they will learn to listen and improve on their social skills. Whenever the kids play a pretend game, they will be creating a completely unique world and will learn sharing by use of the right language.

What is the right age for a child to start using a play kitchen?

Most of the play kitchen manufacturers do recommend kids to start using play kitchens from the age of 2 or 3 years old. You need to keep in mind that there are kits which consist of small parts and can be dangerous for kids since they can easily place small items on their mouth.

Does the Play Kitchen come with accessories or does one have to purchase separately?

As you have read from the product review above, everything depends on the manufacturer. There are manufacturers who will pack the play kitchens together with play food and dishes. There are some that come without and you have to buy separately. Always ensure you check what accessory a play kitchen will come with to know which ones you will have to buy separately.

What type of materials are play kitchens made of?

Most of the play kitchen is made using wood. However, there are some which have parts containing plastic. Wood is an organic product. The plastics used are durable and meet all the minimum safety standards.


The play kitchen is great for kids  since they help offer endless fun and improve their social, imaginative and creative thinking skills.  This dummy kitchen also helps kids develop great motor skills and perfect hand-eye coordination.

Our winner is KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds. This is incredibly easy to assemble. It looks like a real kitchen and comes with lights and sounds that are battery operated.  It also has some of the common appliances including a washing machine. Not that costly as it can be afforded by parents who are on moderate budget. Apart from appliances, this play kitchen also comes with various accessories which make it more enjoyable and real to the kids.

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