Buying A Baby Walker? 7 Features You Must Check While Buying ✔

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A baby walker is an essential tool to buy as it provides support for the baby as he learns how to walk. Truth be told, it’s not possible to be around always to help the baby all the time. Are you buying a baby walker will help strengthen the baby’s legs muscles, and in due time he will be running around.

Like all baby appliances, you should be careful while choosing a baby walker for your child’s safety and well-being.

7 Features You Must Check While Buying a Baby Walker

1. The Baby’s Safety

Studies have revealed that at least 21baby walker related injuries happen daily in the united states. It is therefore essential to consider the safety of a baby walker first.       

You see, a baby walker doesn’t just allow the baby to move. It also makes them move fast, thus making them prone to accidents. They can easily collide with furniture or other obstacles in the house or topple down the stairs.

Further, the walker also elevates the baby, making it easier for them to reach for places they couldn’t reach. They might try to reach for things that might fall and hurt them.

What should you do to enhance your baby’s safety?

You should always monitor the baby closely while he is using a baby walker. Also, look out for baby walker models that have seatbelts and lockable wheels.

How To Teach Your Baby To Walk With A Baby Walker
Baby playing with toys

Buckling in the baby will ensure some safety as he moves around the room. Locking either one or two wheels will control the walker’s speed and reduce an accident’s chances.

Further, you should consider a baby walker with a broad base. The wide base acts as a bumper and prevents your baby from getting too close to objects and hitting stuff. It also reduces the baby’s chances of being trapped between two places, such as between two couches.

2. Comfort

Babies are very delicate; as such, everything they sit or lie on should be soft. That includes a walker. Ensure your baby’s baby walker’s seat is padded and made of soft and non-toxic material. This will allow the baby to sit comfortably for long without getting fussy.

In addition, look out for a baby walker that has a flat front tray where the baby can play with his toys or snack while they practice walking. A tray with toys to it would be much better as it will keep the baby engaged.

3. Quality of The Materials

You should check the material used to make the baby walker and ensure they are of good quality.  They should be non-toxic and sturdy enough to hold the weight of your baby.

If your preferred baby walker has some attached toys, make sure they are tightly fitted. This will eliminate the possibility of the baby plucking them out and inserting them in the mouth.

Further, you should look out for poor finishing, such as sharp edges that may be harmful to the baby.

4. Adjustable Height

Babies grow too fast. The baby walker’s height might get small in a matter of days. The height might also be too high that the baby’s little legs are left dangling without touching the floor.

Thus, you should get a baby walker with adjustable height so that the baby can grow with it. Otherwise, you might need to incur an extra cost to buy another baby walker.

5. Functionality

limitations of a baby walker

A baby walker should be lightweight and easy to maneuver. You don’t want a baby walker that exhausts the baby by the end of the day.

Further, you should a baby walker with automated braking and gripping mechanism in case of slippery floors. The wheels should also be versatile enough to work on both carpeted and bare floors.

Also, try to fold the baby folder while still in the stall to ensure its folding mechanism is okay. Some models may give you a lot of trouble as you try to fold it down.

 An easy to fold baby walker will be convenient for you as you can quickly grab it and go when you are traveling with the baby. It will also be easy to store and saves on space.

6. Your Baby’s Weight

Your baby’s weight is an essential factor when it comes to baby walkers. Although it is a rare occurrence, some baby walkers may not hold heavyweight.

This is dangerous because the walker can cave in anytime, and your baby may trip or, worse, break a limb. In addition, its unstable stature may make it hard for the baby to walk.

7. Your Budget

How much do you want to spend on a baby walker? There are many baby walkers in the market today, and they all come at different prices. You don’t want to overspend on something the baby will use for just a few months, but you should part with enough to get quality. Don’t be fooled. Expensive doesn’t always mean quality. There are quality baby walkers that are moderately priced.

Take Away

It is crucial for you to consider the above features while buying a baby walker. By doing so, you are assured of your baby’s safety and comfort as they take the critical milestone in the lives.

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