6+ Tips for Buying a Tricycle or a Scooter- How to Choose a Best Tricycle or a Scooter for Your Child?

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Are you torn between getting a Tricycle or a Scooter for your child? You are not alone. Many parents have trouble choosing between the two.

The truth is, there are many factors you should consider when choosing a Tricycle or a Scooter. However, suitability is the most essential factor. Whatever your choice is, it should be built and designed for your child’s age group.


In this article, we’ll share information that will help you make an educated decision. We will highlight the factors you should consider when choosing between a trike and a scooter, their similarities, and differences.

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The Similarities – Buying a Tricycle or a Scooter Which is better?

1. They Both Are Ride-On Toys.

What are ride-on toys?

In simple terms, a ride on toy is a toy that a child literally rides on. Most of these toys require the child to either sit or stand. Besides tricycles, other examples include skateboards and bicycles.

2. Help Develop Gross Motor Skills.

Riding a tricycle or a scooter is an excellent way to enhance your child’s motor skills. This means their whole body and muscles are involved during the activity.

The child uses the lower body to push or pedal the toy and the upper body to balance. Other small movements such as manipulating levers, gripping the handlebar, and operating brakes also develop motor skills. Moreover, the child learns how to build pathways between the brain and muscles.

3. Encourages Group Play

The beauty of trikes and scooters is that they are not restricted to solo play. Children can come together to play. In the process, they get to learn together and from each other.

In a situation where there is only one toy, the kids learn how to share, take turns, and wait. Group play is also an excellent way for your kid to make friends.

4. Promotes Exercise and Physical Activities

According to experts, physical activity is essential in a child’s growth and development. Riding any of the two rides on toys is a perfect way for your child to exercise without even noticing it.

As the kids ride, they strengthen their bones and muscles. Exercise is also good for their lungs and heart. Additionally, it lays an early foundation for your child to engage in exercises later in life.

Moreover, physical activity enhances a child’s cognitive development by improving concentration, encouraging creativity and problem-solving skills.

5. Encourages Adventure and Exploration

Trikes and scooters are more fun when used outside. As your child scoots around, he is likely to develop a love and appreciation of their surroundings.

The independence that comes with riding a scooter or trike outdoors enhances self-confidence and self-esteem. It also makes a child more inquisitive and enhance spatial intelligence.

6. Improve Kids Balance

Improve Kids Balance

Riding a recycle or a scooter substantially helps children improve their balance. In the process of learning, they learn how to balance their weight evenly to avoid falling.

However, before they master balancing themselves, there will be a few instances of falling. You should therefore make sure they are in appropriate safety gear. It would be best if you also didn’t leave them unsupervised.

The Differences

1. Powering Mechanism

A tricycle is pedal-powered. The little one has to pedal for it to move forward.

What if the little one can’t pedal?

Most trikes come with a handle and foot-rests for kids who don’t know how to pedal yet. The child will comfortably place his feet on the footrests as you pull or push him around.

A scooter, on the other hand, is foot powered. The little one has to push one foot for momentum and then raise it to glide.

2. Introduction Time

You can introduce a tricycle to a 10months old baby even though he can’t pedal yet. However, the tike should have a handle that will allow you to push him till he is big enough to learn how to pedal.

As a rule of the thumb, you cannot introduce a scooter to your child until he can walk with a steady gait. That is usually no sooner than 3 years.

This timing is a condition by the fact that scooting requires a lot of balance and coordination. Also, a child needs to know how to walk to power a scooter.

3. Wheel Size

Scooters often come with smaller wheels. This comes in handy, especially when the child wants to perform some stunts. However, they put your child at risk of losing control, especially when riding on rough terrains.

Tricycles come with bigger wheels, which gives the toy better shock absorption on rough terrains. These wheels also reduce the chances of the trike tripping over.

4. Weight and Portability

Most toddler scooters are lightweight and come with an easy to fold mechanism. You can therefore carry the scooter for your weekend getaway. Tricycles, on the other hand, are a bit heavy and cannot be folded. If your trunk isn’t big enough, you will have to leave it at home when you travel.

Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Between A Tricycle and A Scooter.

1. Safety

Your child’s safety should be your priority when choosing any ride-on toy for your child. Although no toy guarantees 100% safety, you should choose the one with the most safety features.

Choose a toy that reduces the risks of falling, tipping, and crashing. The power mechanism, sound braking system, and safety belts are some of the safety features you should consider.

2. Age suitability

The suitability of a toy depends on his age. Before making a choice, do your research on whether the toy is suitable for your child’s age.

3. The Size

The toy of your choice should neither be too big nor too small. An oversized toy will be strenuous to your child, and he may lose interest altogether. If the toy is small, the child will outgrow it too soon.

4. Balance

Your choice should be strong enough to support your little one’s weight. Also, it should be sturdy enough not to tilt and injure the child. It should also be able to hold the ground on rough terrains.

Our Recommendation

If it were up to us to make a choice, we would have taken a tricycle home. Why?

The tricycle bags the most advantages. Its bigger wheels are a huge plus as they enhance the trike’s safety. Your child can also use a tricycle at the young age of 10 months as an alternative to a buggy.

The Bottom Line 🎯

Treating your child with a ride-on toy is an exciting milestone. It can also be confusing as you may be spoilt of choices. We hope this article has enlightened you and will help you make an educated choice between a scooter or a tricycle.

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