10 Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding to Purchase in 2021

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One of the best investments any parent can make is purchasing the best bassinet for breastfeeding their newborns. The bassinet will help give them a peace of mind since you know the baby will be resting in a safe environment. These baby bassinets for breastfeeding have been designed to offer the best protection for any little kid. They do have a great locking mechanism and are durable.

In order to enjoy the benefits that come with bassinet for breastfeeding, you need to purchase the best. However, the wide variety of bassinet for breastfeeding in the market has made it difficult for parents to choose which the best one is. In this guide, we will be reviewing the top 10 best bassinet for breastfeeding currently available in the market.

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1. Mika Micky Easy Folding Portable Crib

Mika Micky Portable Crib & best bassinet for breastfeeding
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The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding Portable Crib ranks top in our list of best bassinet for breastfeeding currently available in the market.  It integrates seamlessly into your beds edge making it easier for you to attend to your newborn late at night. With this bassinet, you will find breastfeeding to be much easier and less stressful.

The Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding Portable Crib has been developed with convenience in mind. It is a comfortable bassinet for both the mother and the child. It will enable you to quickly attend to your baby whenever   there is need and you can always avoid disturbing the kid when he or she is sleeping.

This bassinet has been designed for a baby of less than 5 months old and weighing below 33 lbs. It does offer great flexibility in terms of the size of the baby until when the baby is able to start pushing up on their knees or hands.  At this point, you will have to upgrade to something that is more secure.

You can easily switch the Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding Portable Crib from a sleeper to a traditional bassinet. It is a perfect feature which makes this bassinet flexible for the newborns. You can attach it to most of the beds using two fastening straps making the set up fast and effortless. It is very lightweight hence you can always travel with it wherever you are going.



2. Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet
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The Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet is a very solid bassinet that has been made from a very trusted manufacturer of baby products.  It is well known for its several features that help in soothing the baby to sleep.

This bassinet has a gentle swaying motion that helps in calming down even the crankiest child. You will also like how comforting the light projection unit that has been included works acts a relaxing distraction for the child.  Whenever the child is ready to go to sleep, you can always engage the lock to minimize its swaying motion when the kid is dreaming. However, the lock will never prevent the bassinet from moving.

The bassinet also comes with a mobile hanging above the basket to offer your baby something to focus on when having a rest. It has mesh on the sides that help in creating a great airflow and minimizing suffocation risk in case the baby rolls over when not watching.   At night, the projector will act as a soothing nightlight to help in keeping parents safe as they check on the child.

It has a 30 minute of music and sound that accompanies its vibration function.  This soothing motion helps in comforting the baby when they lack the energy or free hands in picking them up. Its gentle swaying motion comes from the handing design of the basket.



3. HALO Premiere Bassinet

3. HALO Bassinest 1 3
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The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series Bassinet will not only prove your baby a safe and secure sleep environment but it will also do wonders in helping maintain a personal sleep bubble for both the parent and the child. The positioning along the bedside ensures the baby is close to the parent while maintaining a personal sleep bubble.

One unique feature that amazes many parents using this bassinet is that they can always lower the sidewall using very little pressure to reach over and tend to their kids.  This feature ensures very minimal movement is made whenever the parent wants to have access to the baby.

The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series Bassinet comes with storage pouches will help in keeping the baby’s essentials within the reach of the arm. The structure of the bassinet helps in keeping moms who are recovering in mind since it can swivel and make 360 degrees rotation.  Apart from helping keep the baby close to you, you can always rotate the bassinet to get it out of the way to enable you to get in and out of the bed.

Its sturdy four point base allows one to adjust its height ensuring it can fit most of the beds.  This bassinet has been designed to carry up to 20 pound kids. Its soothing center does operate off three double A-batteries although the batteries are not included.  It exceeds all the ASTM, CPSC and health guidelines.



4. Halo Bassinest Swivel Luxe Series Sleeper

4. Halo Bassinest Swivel Luxe Series Sleeper 3
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The Halo Bassinest Swivel Luxe Series Sleeper is a top quality bassinet that makes it possible to get your child close to you at night. You can always collapse it whenever you need to enable you to get to your baby without having to get out of your bed.  Its swivel sleeper is height adjustable and it is among the few bassinets with a 360 degree swivel action which makes it easier to get out of the bed.

It is a very silent bassinet especially when moving it around. This means that you will not have to wake up your baby. Moms who have undergone the C-section are advised to go for the Halo Bassinest Swivel Luxe Series Sleeper since you will not have to put the extra strain on the stitches or cut by having to get out from the bed to feed or soothe your baby late at night.

This bassinet also comes with a waterproof mattress together with a sheet. However, you can always purchase an extra mattress and sheet separately.  It is very sturdy and stable thanks to its single stem pole and four low base legs. This feature makes it difficult to tip over. It is a bit heavy weighing 30 pounds which makes it a bit difficult to move around without wheels.



5. Baby Delight beside Me Dreamer Bassinet

5. Baby Delight Beside Me Dreamer Bassinet 1 3
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The Baby Delight beside Me Dreamer Bassinet is among the top bedside sleeper that will offer your child a separate sleeping spot next to their parent. Just like any other bassinet in our guide, this product also connects well with the adult bed to ensure more stability late at night.

Its side panels unzip well for the parent to lean over during the night when nursing or just keeping an eye on their kid. The surrounding mesh walls are made of breathable materials for constant circulation of air whenever the baby is sleeping.

You can easily adjust the Baby Delight beside Me Dreamer Bassinet to 6 height positions with a wide range of bed heights converting it back from co sleeper to bassinet by zipping up the snug. Its sleeping area is a comfy fiber fill mattress. It comes with a fitted cover which is waterproof hence can easily be wiped in case of any spill up or any unavoidable milk spills.

It is very easy to move this Baby Delight beside Me Dreamer Bassinet  to other rooms or travel with since it is lightweight weighing a mere 19 lbs. Setting it up is also very easy and fast and  you can quickly bring it down.



6. Milliard Side Sleeper Bedside Bassinet

6. Milliard Side Sleeper Bedside Bassinet 2
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The Milliard Side Sleeper Bedside Bassinet is a perfect bassinet for parents who are interested in sleeping with their kids’ right next to them. It suits parents who want to have fast access to their kids during the night so that they can easily soothe them to go back to sleep ensuring they have a normal sleeping pattern.

This bassinet has two different modes, the side sleeper and the standalone. The straps which are included can be used for attaching the bassinet to the bedside or detached allowing for standalone use.  You can always adjust the height of the bassinet for it to fit flush with your bed ensuring proper attachment. It will also help in adjusting the height whenever it is standalone to help avoid back pain.

This bassinet comes with a sleeping pad that is strong enough and comfortable for the baby to sleep on. Its mattress has a sheet which has been included with the purchase hence; you do not have to worry about getting one that fits well.  The end of this bassinet does have attached pouches which makes it possible for the parent to keep essentials close in case the child needs to be fed or changed.

The bassinet front has a fold down wall that can be held in place for better baby view. This can easily be done when the bassinet is in standalone mode.



7. Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet

7. Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet 3
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The Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet does feature two canopies together with a sleeping pad. This bassinet is preferred by most parents as it is able to keep out the light giving the baby darkness and a safe place to sleep.

It features two adjustable canopies that help in fully shielding the little one from elements and light to help ensure a comfortable sleep. It also offers a very soft sleeping area that will allow for a gentle motion to help calm your body. Its breathable sides help in ensuring the baby is cool even during the hot weather period.

It does have see through sides that enable the parent to have a clear view of the baby and it also helps with flow of air so that your baby can have easier time breathing. It is a very strong bassinet and capable of holding up to 25 pounds without breaking. You can use this bassinet on larger kids also.

The Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet can quickly be folded and it is very lightweight making it a very perfect travel choice. Its light frame will allow for one to move with their baby from one room to another. It comes with a storage space that enables you to keep all that you require to help soothe your baby within an arm’s reach.

Setting up this unit is very easy and it does not consume lots of space hence can be used well in apartments, smaller homes and condos.



8. BabyBjorn Cradle Bassinet

8. BABYBJORN Cradle 2
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The BabyBjorn Cradle Bassinet is very popular among new parents. It features gentle motions that help in soothing the baby. It does have breathable mesh fabrics that help in ensuring the kids safety.  Its sides are very soft to help in keeping the baby comfortable whenever they are in the bassinet. The gentle motion helps in relaxing the baby and soothes them to fall asleep. Its spring suspension system helps in ensuring smooth movement in all the directions.

It has a breathable mesh on its sides that helps in ensuring your baby is cool during the hot weather conditions for high levels of comfort. It comes with a canopy that helps in blocking the baby from excess light to allow them to have a peaceful sleep. 

Moving the BabyBjorn Cradle Bassinet   around the house is quite easy. It also has a low height and a see through sides that ensures you are able to keep your eye on the baby. Its breathable mesh ensures you do not have to worry about the baby suffocating while they are sleeping.

This cradle lacks any bars on its side that can trap your kids’ hands and feet. You will never have to worry about moving the bassinet since it is lightweight. Its steel feet will never damage your house floor. Its fabric is machine washable while the mattress is waterproof and removable for easy cleaning.



9. Arm’s Reach Concepts Versatile Co-Sleeper

9. Arm Reach Concepts Versatile CoSleepe 2
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The Arm’s Reach Concepts Versatile Co-Sleeper is a perfect all rounder. You will not only use it as a co-sleeper but you can also use it as a bassinet and a storage unit.  It allows the parent to sleep next to their baby without any safety risk and discomfort that comes from bed sharing. It does have an anchor that allows the bassinet to flush with bed. Its legs are also extendable and allow you to adjust it to the same height as your mattress.

Despite its legs being on the wheels, they do lock ensuring there is stability. It does have mesh panels on all its four sides to ensure your baby can easily breathe whenever they push up against the edge. It also makes it easier to see your baby from any angle.

One thing you will enjoy from the Arm’s Reach Concepts Versatile Co-Sleeper is the high level of convenience it comes with. You can use this bassinet for breastfeeding or convert it to a co-sleeper when you feel the set up does not work well for you.

This bassinet will allow you to always lean over and tend to your baby or pull your baby into the bed with ease to feed him or her. It does have a handy storage basket that ensures easy access at night. It also comes with a mattress that is attached to the base using Velcro. It also has a fitted sheet which is machine washable.



10. MiClassic 2in1 Stationary & Rock Bassinet

10. MiClassic All mesh StationaryRock Bassinet 3
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The MiClassic 2in1 Stationery & Rock Bassinet is preferable  by most parents since it can easily be folded up, transported and stored making it more versatile when compared to the other options available in the list.

This breastfeeding bassinet for babies was mainly meant for parents due to its much flexibility. This does not mean that it is not comfortable for the little one. One of the best features of this bassinet is that you can make it rocking or stationary. These two options are of great importance when it comes to calming down an irritable child and helping your child fall asleep fast.

Since the safety of your child will be the number one priority, you will have to ensure any bassinet you buy passes all the important checks. This MiClassic 2in1 Stationary & Rock Bassinet will pass all the tests. It does come with a breathable mesh surrounding the cradle which ensures free flow of air and helps in preventing the baby from being choked.

When using this bassinet, you can always communicate with your baby using this see through mess. It was designed with absolute convenience in mind. Its ability to be switched from bassinet to a stationary is a great feature that sets this bassinet apart from the rest.



Buyers Guide: Choosing the Best Bassinet for Breastfeeding

It is not that easy to choose the best bassinet for breastfeeding due to the wide variety of bassinet currently available in the market. However, there are a few factors that can help you narrow down on the best bassinet in the market. Here are important factors you need to put into consideration when shopping for the best breastfeeding bassinet.

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Size Wall Unzips

This is a very important factor which you should never ignore.  When you go for a bassinet that has side wall unzips, you will be able to unzip the side wall which makes it possible to lift the baby.  It will enable you to calm the baby from the comfort of your bed using little effort.

Solid Straps

The main purpose of the solid straps is to help in fastening the bassinet with the adult bed. With this, you will be in a position of maintaining the bassinet in one place and ensure the cot is kept steady throughout the night. This will ensure there is no gap between the bassinet and the bed.

Washable Cover and a Firm Comfortable Mattress

Top quality mattresses for your infant and newborn should be made firm and comfortable to help reduce the SIDs risks. If the mattress is not comfy, it will be difficult to rock your baby on a fussy night. Ensure the top cover is removable and easy to wash. It is important you also go for a bassinet having a waterproof cover.

Adjustable Height

It is important you ensure the bassinet you are about to purchase is height adjustable. This will enable you to level it with your beds’ height. When you align the bassinet height with your bed height you can always stretch and pick your baby for breastfeeding late at night without having to wake up. It will also enable you to monitor your child when he or she is sleeping.


When shopping for the best baby bassinet for breastfeeding, it is important to consider if you will only be using it at home or if there are times when you will need to carry it along when traveling. In case you are in need of a bassinet that you can carry along whenever you are traveling, then go for one which is lightweight and portable.

Weight and Age Limit

Never purchase a bassinet for breastfeeding without checking its weight and age limits. Most of the bassinets are made for kids who are up to 5 months old while most have a weight limit of around 20 lbs.

Precautions to Consider When Using the Best Breastfeeding Bassinet


Investing in the best bassinet for breastfeeding is an excellent option for bedside or standalone sleeping situations.  The bassinet will help in keeping your child right next to your bed so you can always monitor him or her.

Before making your final decision on which bassinet to purchase, ensure you take your time and go through the buyers guide. It will help in narrowing down your options. We do hope that the guide has been of great help to you and that you have all the necessary information required to make the best decision about which bassinet to purchase.

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