10 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids to Buy: Review and Buyers Guide

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This generation’s childhood is different from others in many ways. The most outstanding contrast is the amount of time that they spend indoors. This is due to interaction with electronic devices and, for many families, the fear of the children’s safety.

Here is an affordable way that allows kids to play outside safely: Walkie talkies.

These two-way radios will help you have real time monitoring of your kids as they are out with their mates. They will also open a world of adventure and fun for your kids. Still, it’s a fun way to enhance their social and communication skills.

How then do you choose the best walkie talkies for kids?

Deciding which are the best walkie talkies among the hundreds in the market is not easy, especially if you are not a techie. Luckily, you have us.

We will give you detailed information about kids for you to make an informed decision. We have also reviewed the top 10best walkie talkies for kids in the market. We have also answered the frequently asked questions.

10 Best Walkie Talkies for Kids Review

1. Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkie for Kids

Retevis RT628 Best Walkie Talkie for Kids
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Are you looking for a walkie talkie to stay in touch with your kids when they are out playing? Rvetis RT628 is an excellent choice. It covers a range of 800-100 meters depending on the terrain. It is ideal for hide and seek games, biking, and scavenger hunts.

Although it is made for kids, it looks and functions like adult walkie talkies. It is packed with features that make it remarkably reliable.

These small and lightweight two-way radios fit perfectly on the child’s hand and are easy to carry. You can choose from the four available colors depending on your child’s preferences.

They are also easy to operate. They come with clearly indicated buttons, including the PTT at the side of the gadget. The other buttons include the power button, scan, volume up and down, and keypad lock button.

The keypad lock button helps to prevent kids from changing channels. It automatically activates the VOX function, where you can communicate without pressing the PTT.

These two-way radios also come with an earpiece jack on the top. You can plug in a headset for privacy. They also have an LCD backlit display that displays the channel you are operating on, signal strength, and the remaining battery life.

The only downside with this model is the instruction leaflet. Most customers complain that the instructions are poor.



2. FRS Walkie Talkies for Kids With FM

2.FRS Walkie Talkies with FM Wearable Rechargeable Walkie Talkies for Kids
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Have you ever seen a mom shouting across the amusement park like a crazy person when her kid hurries down the path oblivious of their distance? It’s a sad scene. You can avoid such scenarios with an FRS walkie talkie.

These set of walkie talkies for kids are not only great toys but a perfect way to stay in touch with your kids when you are out and about. they also have a built-in FM radio for you to listen to your favorite jams during outdoor adventures.

These cool voice toys have an impressive 2 miles operation range in an open field. No more panic attacks when your kid decides to explore the neighborhood.

This model comes in an ergonomic design. It comes in an adorable kitty design that children love. They are also small and lightweight. They fit perfectly on children’s small arms.

Moreover, these walkie talkies come with a wrist band and lanyard. The kids can either don them as a watch or hang around the neck. You don’t have to worry about the kids losing them.

If your hands are full, or your kid doesn’t understand the PTT rule yet, you can activate VOX. This function allows you to communicate without pressing any button.

You will also love the sound clarity of these rechargeable voice toys. There is no mumbo jumbo. You can hear every syllable.



3. GOCOM Walkie Talkies for Kids

3.GOCOM Walkie Talkies for Kids Kids Toys Handheld Child Gift Walky Talky
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Are you looking for a long transmission range walkie talkie for your next family adventure? Look no further. GOCOM walkie talkie will serve the purpose. It is not only a great toy, but it shortens the distance between you and your loved ones.

These long range walkie talkies can transmit on a range of up to 15miles depending on the terrain. Impressive right?

They can cover up to 15miles in an open area and mountain tops—6.5miles within the open sea and I mile in a city. Go ahead! Give your family the adventure of their lives.

Besides its adorable design, this model is made of durable material and anti-fall material. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy for kids to grasp and carry around.

This set has a crisp and smooth sound thanks to the inbuilt interference function. It reduces background noises even in crowded places to enhance effective communication. Moreover, it is easy to use. You simply press the PTT button to talk.

In addition, these walkie talkies were built with security in mind. They have only nine channels that reduce the likelihood of strangers listening to your conversation. They also have several private codes. You need not worry about child predators preying on your kids.

Moreover, the radio battery door has a tight screw that prevents children from removing the batteries.

This pair of kids walkie talkies automated system is out of this world. It automatically shuts down to save the batteries. Also, It automatically scans channels, turns off the call tone, and locks channels.

For convenience, these walkie talkies come with belt clips and lanyards. Your kids can clip them on the belt or put them around their neck as they are playing to avoid misplacing them.



4. Hibiker Walkie Talkie for Kids

4.Walkie Talkies for KidsToys for 3 12 Year Boys Girls to Outside Adventure
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Are you looking for a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for kids? Look no further, my friend. Hibiker walkie talkies are an ideal choice.

They are not only perfect toys but also a bridge of communication between you and your kids. They are great for both indoor and outdoor activities.

There are three walkie talkies in the pack, and they come with a lanyard each. They need 4AAA batteries each to be powered.

These two-way radios score significant points for its ergonomic design. At only 90grams each, they are easy to carry. They are also small in size, allowing them to fit perfectly into kid’s little arms. The buttons on the face are well labeled for ease of use.

In addition, it has an easy to use PTT thus usable by ages 3 and above. For kids who still don’t understand the Push-to-talk, you can activate the VOX function. It will allow them to use the toys without pressing any button.

This model also has an impressive long-range transmission. It can handle up to 3 miles in an open field and 0.5 miles in a residential area. You can keep in touch with your kids when they are out playing in your neighbor’s house.

Moreover, these kids’ two-way radios have 22 privacy code enhanced channels. The codes reduce the likelihood of strangers communicating with your kids on the same frequency.

They also come with an earpiece connection option. You can opt to use headphones rather than the inbuilt speaker. This option comes in handy when the walkie talkie is clipped on your belt, so you don’t have to take it off to speak.



5. Obuby walkie Talkies for kids

5.Obuby Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channels 2 Way Radio Kid Toy
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Bring your kids long hours of fun and happy memories with Obuby walkie talkies. These radio toys will shorten the distance between them and their friends. It will also make both indoor and outdoor games fun.

They are small and lightweight; thus, they fit comfortably on the kid’s hand for a firm grip. Their uncomplicated PTT also scores it major points. It can be used by kids of 3-12 years.

If your kid is yet to understand the Push-To-Talk concept, you can use the Voice activated transmission (VOX). The kids can communicate with you and their friends without pressing any button.

Moreover, they do not limit the kids playing time and terrain. They have an inbuilt flashlight to help them navigate at night. They also have a waterproof LCD backlight display to protect the radios from water and mud.

This model’s smooth and crisp sound quality is one of the best walkie talkies in the market. You can easily communicate [even in crowded places thanks to its auto squelch function that mutes all noises.

In addition, these walkie talkies are long range. They have an impressive 3miles transmission range in open places and 0.5-1mile range in residential areas. You can have realtime monitoring of your kids as they play with their friends.

For your kids’ security, these walkie talkies have an antiwander and an intelligent alarm system. Also, its channels are reinforced by 99CTSS sub-codes to minimizes the possibility of your kids communicating with strangers.

For more convenience, this set also comes with an earpiece connection option. You can opt to use headphones rather than the inbuilt speaker. This option helps when the walkie talkie is clipped on your belt. You don’t have to keep on unclipping the radio to speak.

Additionally, it comes with a lanyard. The kids can conveniently hang the walkie talkies around their necks to avoid losing them.

You need 4AAA batteries to power each walkie talkie. You can get one off batteries or rechargeable batteries.



6. Car Guardiance Walkie Talkies for Kids

6.Walkie Talkies for Kids 22 Channel 2 Way Radio 3 Mile Long Range Kids Toys
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When it comes to walkie talkies, the longer the range, the better. It opens up a window of possibilities in your children’s world of adventures.

If you are looking for such a long-range walkie talkie for your children, then The car guardiance walkie talkie is an excellent choice.

This long range walkie talkie can handle a range of up to 3 miles in an open and a transmitting range of 0.5-1mile in a residential area. You will have realtime monitoring of your kids as they play in the neighborhood.

Interestingly, the long-range does not affect sound transmission. The sound will be crystal clear, thanks to the clear voice technology. Also, this gadget has an auto squelch function that mutes the background noise to enhance proper communication.

In addition, this walkie comes in an ergonomic design that will perfectly fit in the kids’ little hands for a tight grip. It is also lightweight and easy to carry.

The ease of operation makes this gadget one of the best walkie talkies. It comes with an easy to find and press the talk button. Still, it has an LCD backlit display that displays the battery level.

You will love the convenience of this two-way radio. It features a voice activated transmission (VOX) that allows you to reach your loved ones without pressing the PTT button.

Moreover, this walkie talkie has an inbuilt flashlight to help in a dark environment. It also comes with a belt clip. You don’t have to worry about losing it in case you are hiking or mountain climbing.

This 22 channel walkie talkies requires 3 AAA batteries. It supports both single-use and rechargeable batteries.



7. Ryans World Walkie Talkies for Kids

7.Ryans World Walkie Talkies for Kids 2 Way Radio Long Range 1
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As the adage goes, ‘ the greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories.’ With the all-new cartoon-themed Ryans world walkie talkie your kid’s next few years will be definitely memorable. it is a perfect gift.

Besides allowing you to monitor your child in real-time, it is also a great learning tool. It can encourage communication skills, helps develop language and social skills.

This set of two kids walkie talkies comes in an ergonomic, making it suitable for any kid. It fits in the kid’s little arms allowing a perfect grip during play time. At 9.6 ounces, this walkie is lightweight and easy to carry.

No Mumbo jumbo!

Unlike most two way radios, the Ryan walkie talkie is static-free. You will send and receive crystallized sound thanks to the manufacturer’s innovative s displaying the color speech and sound effects.

Moreover, it comes with a visible simple push to talk(PTT) button. It lights up during talk time displaying its kid’s enticing themes. It also has a built-in light indicator used to show whether it is on or off.

This walkie talkie for kids is also long range. You can easily find your kid incase they roam in a department store.

You need three AAA batteries (not included) for each walkie talkie.



8. Top Sung Two Way Radios For Kids

8.Topsung Two Way Radios for Adults M880 FRS Walkie Talkie Long Range with VOX Belt ClipHands Free Walki Talki
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Keep in touch with your loved ones on your next outdoor adventure with top Sung M880 walkie talkie. This wireless gadget is simple, compact, and easy to operate. The entire family can use it.

These walkie talkies are the size of a palm and weigh 8 ounces. a child can comfortably hold it. They are also lightweight and easy to carry.

Thie M880 set is a long range gadget. But… it depends on the terrain. It covers up to 16 miles on an open field. Obstructions such as tall buildings and hills reduce the transmission range.

With its visible and well-labeled buttons, these two-way radios are easy to operate. You can switch it on and off and regulate the volume. The LCD screen with a backlight makes it easy to use the two-way radios even at night.

The most impressive feature of walkie talkies is their smart system. They come with an auto squelch system that eliminates the background noise for smooth and crisp sound on both ends. They also have an auto memory function that retains all the settings when the walkie talkie is off.

In addition, they have an auto monitor that checks for signals with a simple press of the monitor button. They also have an auto switch-off function to save power when the radios are not in use. Ain’t that amazing?

This set of walkie talkies comes with an earpiece jack for hands-free use. It also comes with a belt clip and lanyard. You don’t have to worry about your young ones misplacing it.

Did I mention the auto scan function? No? Well…. It also has it. This function finds active channels fast with a click of the scan button.

There is more.

This walkie talkie for kids comes with a hands-free function (VOX) and a keypad lock. If your child is yet to understand the idea of hold to talk, you can activate the VOX that allows you to talk without pressing the PTT button.



9. Little Pretender Walkie Talkies for Kids

9.Little Pretender Walkie Talkies for Kids 2 Mile Range 3 Channels Built in Flash Light
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Don’t let the name confuse. These babies (they come in a set of two) are far from being pretenders. They are remarkably efficient and reliable. They also score major points for their durability and child friendly design.

So… what makes them remarkable?

For starters, this model comes in an ergonomic design. A child can comfortably hold it. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around.

The manufacturers also considered how clumsy kids could be and created these walkie talkies for kids with durable material.

Moreover, the Little Pretenders walkie talkies are long range. They cover an impressive two miles range. Your child can play beyond your back yard and still be within your watch.

In addition, this model has only three channels. It will not confuse you with too many options. Changing channels also become more manageable.

This set also has a pre-set privacy code. You won’t worry about children predators luring your children or people listening in to your conversations. However, this privacy code cannot be configured.

With a cutting edge, clear voice technology, the voices will be clear on both ends. The model also has an easy push-to-talk button making these toys easy to use.

The beauty of this set is that it can sustain battery power for weeks. It is powered by three AAA batteries each. You can use either the one-off batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The feature that sets this model with other walkie talkies is that it’s expandable. You can sync it with other walkie talkies as long as they are on the same channel.



10. Hmil-U Walkie Talkie for Kids

10.Walkie Talkie for Kids3 KM Long Range with 22 Channels 2 Way Radios LED Flashlight
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Does your kid get a little nervous during bedtime? You can use a Hmil-U walkie talkie to communicate to him till he falls asleep. It can also be used for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping e.t.c

This set of walkie talkies is long grange. But… it depends on the terrain, it covers an impressive 3km on an open area and 0.5-1.5KM on a residential area.

Moreover, this model has HD clear sound. Thanks to its crisp and clear technology, it can reduce background noise during a call. This gives the call an HD experience with adjustable volume. You can hear every word even from a distance.

The walkie talkies have well-labeled buttons for ease of operation(talk, menu, monitor, lamp). Press the talk button to talk to your loved one and scan the battery to find the channel your friends are in. pressing the menu button three times activates the VOX function. You can communicate without pressing the PTT button.

The ergonomic design scores this model significant points. It is small, and lightweight thus easy for the child to hold comfortably.

It is also made with durable material drop resistant. Your kids can drop it many times, and it will not break easily.

The walkie talkies come with an inbuilt flashlight for night adventures. They also come with belt clips land lanyards. The kids will not lose the walkie talkies while doing outdoor activities.

You need 4 AAA batteries for each walkie talkie. Its transmission power is 0.5W making it safe for children.



Buyers Review: Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Walkie Talkie For Kids

The best walkie talkies for kids should have certain essential features. Here are some of the features to consider when choosing walkie talkies for kids.


Range refers to the distance the two way radios can be apart and still be connected. The longer the walkie talkie’s range, the better.

In most cases, the manufacture indicates the specific range covered by the walkie in different terrains. The range can be affected by factors such as clouds, tall buildings, and other obstructions.

As you pick the best walkie talkie to make sure you pick a long range one. It will shorten the distance between you and your loved one if they disappear in an outdoor excursion.


Different types of batteries power walkie talkies. Some use one-off AA or AAA batteries, while others use rechargeable batteries. However, most models in the market can use both.

If you plan to use your two ways radio in remote areas where recharging is not an option, you should consider a battery. You should purchase back up sets because they are not as durable.

If you opt for rechargeable batteries, you should look out for the estimated time for use.


The ease of operation is one of the essential features you should take into account.

The simpler the design, the better. Forego any complicated designs that may confuse the kids. It will also make it easier for you to teach the kids how to use them.

Before you make a purchase ask yourself: are the buttons visible and well-labeled? Can the walkie talkie comfortably fit in my kid’s hand?


As you already know, walkie Talkies operate on open channels. The fewer the channels, the more the chances of your radio operating on frequencies that are used by other people.

If the walkie talkie toys are for smaller kids to use under your supervision, privacy may not be a big concern. But if they are for bigger children with more freedom, consider buying walkie talkies with private codes or several channel options for privacy.

However, private codes don’t ensure 100% privacy . If someone tune in into the same channel and code they can listen to your conversation.

Number of units

Most walkie talkie only functions within the pair. However, others allow you to sync with more units.

If you are looking for walkie talkies to keep a bigger group in touch, then lookout for a set that allows you to sync with more walkie talkies.


Suppose you plan to use your set of walkie talkies even at night, then it’s essential to choose a set with a backlight display. This will make it much easier to use the two-way radios at night.

Handsfree Operation

This feature is convenient for a parent who wants to keep in touch with her kids as they play with their mates in the neighborhood.

The Voice operated Exchange (VOX) allows you to use the walkie talkies without using the push to talk button. It triggers transmission when it detects voices of a specific volume.


For kids, walkie talkies are just other toys. They will toss them, throw them, and slam them as they do with other toys. It is therefore advisable to get walkie talkies with a sturdy body. One that will not break even when it accidentally falls.

Headset Connection Option

Consider a walkie talkie that has an audio jack to allow you to use a headset instead of the inbuilt speaker. This is incredibly convenient if you have clipped the walkie talkie on your belt. You will not have to struggle to unclip whenever you want to speak.

Also, it adds an element of fun for the children.


Did you know that the laws that regulate the use of walkie talkies vary from country to country? Before you make a purchase, check whether it can work in your destination. Make sure they are approved to be used in your country.


Look out for accessories like belt clips and lanyards when buying walkie talkies. They are convenient, especially when you are taking the walkie talkies for an outdoor family adventure. They also help to avoid losing the walkie talkies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Do walkie talkies use cell signal?

No! walkie talkies do not require a cell signal to function. They directly transmit to each other.

Their main advantage is that they can operate in areas with no cell phone signals, also known as dead zones.

Walkie talkies signals can lonely be disrupted by obstructions such as hills and tall buildings. They also may not work well if the units are too far apart.

2.    Can different walkie talkie models communicate with each other?

As long as the walkie talkies use the same channel and privacy codes, then you can communicate regardless of the model or brand. This is because most walkie talkies for kid use either GMRS or FRS frequencies.

However, this is not true for commercial walkie talkies. They use different frequencies, so you should confirm that the brands have the same frequency.

Final Thought

Walkie talkies are an exciting addition to your child’s toy collection. It also a fun way to shorten the distance between you and your kids as they play outside.

We hope this review has helped you choose the best walkie talkies for your children. We also hope that we have answered any questions you had about walkie talkies.

We wish you a happy shopping!

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