10 Best Scooter for 6-Year-Old Kids (2021 GUIDE & REVIEWS)

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Most 6 year old kids nowadays spend most of their precious time either glued to the TV set, playing playstation games or passing time on the internet. This style of living is not good for their wellbeing and any concerned parent will always be figuring out how they can engage their kids in physical activity. One type of equipment that most parents resort to investing in is the scooter.

Buying the best scooter for 6 year old kids will play an important part in ensuring they do blow off all the energy which has been accumulated. The scooter will also help in improving their body balance, muscles growth and body coordination.  The scooters also offer mental benefits by helping the body release necessary hormones.

As you are already aware of some of the main benefits a scooter will offer, you might be considering getting your child a new scooter. You need not to worry as you have come to the right place. We do hope that this review guide will be of great help to you and will help you get the best scooter for a 6 year old.

Top 10 best scooter for 6 year old kids Review

We did analyze a total of 40 scooters in the market and consulted 6 experts before coming up with our list of 10 best 6 year old scooters in the market. However, your final choice will mainly depend on your personal preference. We did use the most basic review guide format divided into three main sections; review section, buyers guide section and the FAQs section.

1. Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up

Lascoota best scooter for 6 year old kids
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This Lascoota Scooters tops our list of the best scooters for 6 years old. It best suits kids from two year old to 10 years old. Most parents do prefer purchasing this product since it offers them a great value for their hard earned money. This best scooter for 6 year old kids also helps make a perfect addition to scooter collection in any family. It is a three wheel toy which is well built with high quality materials and fabrication.

The design of these Lascoota Scooters will make it possible for your kid to either sit or stand whenever they are riding around in style. This scooter model comes with a height adjustable and detachable seat. Using Lascoota will help encourage any child to pick up the lean to steer the mechanics of scooter riding. This will help in improving your kids’ confidence and levels of enjoyment. The Lascoota Scooters comes with a deck that offers plenty of foot room for the small feet. Its design is intuitively geared towards confident kicking and braking. The deck is also well molded from aluminum alloy which makes it sturdy and durable.

One of the top features that come with this Lascoota Scooters is its wide age appropriate level. This makes it a perfect choice for any family that has kids of varying ages. It will never break with extra weight on it. Your child will also use it right from the beginner level to the intermediate level. It is available in colors that suit both boys and girls.



2. BELEEV Kick Scooter for Kids 3 Wheel Scooter for Toddlers

2.BELEEV Scooters for Kids 3 Wheel Kick Scooter for Toddlers Girls Boys
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BELEEV Kick Scooter for Kids 3 Wheel Scooter is a Mac Sports model that is made of an ultra-long design which makes it an excellent choice for families that are interested in a wagon having extra space and great fold ability all in one feature.  In case you are an admirer of the Mac Sports, you will definitely have an idea about what this scooter will offer you over other types of scooters in the market.

However, this BELEEV Kick Scooter for Kids 3 Wheel Scooter was not made or colored to be very appealing to kids. Instead it looks more like a cross between a golf cart and a golf bag mixed together. It will not be the end of the world when your child opts to hop inside it and have a ride around the yard. Most parents see this scooter as a transport device for kids to load all their favorite toys and tow them around the compound.

This BELEEV Kick Scooter for Kids 3 Wheel Scooter measures 43 inches in length and offers more than enough space for goods, gear and toys to be carried around the garden. Its main feature is its great fold ability nature. It is also very compact in size measuring 8 inches in thickness which makes it perfect when it comes to storage. It is not a must that the material which is attached to this wagon be removed before you fold it. This makes it quite easy to set up and fold down. However, it is advisable that little fingers are kept away when folding or setting up this scooter.



3. BELEEV Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up

3.BELEEV Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up Foldable Kick Scooter 2 Wheel
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This is a top performing scooter in the market. This BELEEV Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up comes with an adjustable handlebar making it possible for the scooter to grow with the child. There is no need for a parent to be buying a scooter every time their kid outgrows a particular scooter. This scooter suits kids who are 8 years old and up. It can also be used by teens and adults.

It comes with a mixture of both safety and comfort features. The manufacturers of this scooter did put the kids’ safety in mind. It is made using a sturdy and durable deck that is capable of supporting riders of up to 220 lbs.  Its handles are made with thick foam which helps in improving the comfort levels and control. Its brakes are very reliable when it comes to stopping the scooter.

This scooter is very lightweight and can come already assembled which makes it very easy and secure to always fold or unfold within a few seconds. You can easily pack it in the car and move it to any place you want to without lots of stress. It also comes well equipped with 200 mm high rebound PU wheels together with 5 ABEC bearings. It offers a very smooth, comfortable and quiet riding experience.  It comes with pretty large wheels which can easily go over bumps and cracks making it a perfect scooter to use on sidewalks.

This BELEEV Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up is well designed to withstand wear and tear. It is made using sturdy and durable materials that makes it remain in good condition for a long time. Its non-slip deck is very low to the ground which makes it easier for the child to hop on and off.  The deck is long enough for the kids’ feet to be placed on it.



4. Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter

4.Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter 1
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Does your child want to get into trick scooters? Then Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter is the perfect choice for him or her. This best scooter for toddler comes with a pair of rear caster wheels that makes it easy to spin out, kick out and even make side drifts. It is made using a sturdy and high quality steel frame while it’s front wheel measures 125mm and made using polyurethane which makes it convenient to drive around.

When you put into consideration how expensive the trick units are in general, it is appropriate to say that this Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter is one that will ensure that job is perfectly done. The manufacturer of this scooter did add foam grip that helps in ensuring nothing happens to the hands. It also comes with a removable stability bar that offers one the option of how to ride it.  It has a three wheel design that has made it to start being very popular among parents and most companies are trying to reproduce it.

All you need to do to start moving is get your body side to side. Although there is some assembly that will be needed after you purchase it, its design will offer it better quality marks.  This Razor PowerWing Caster Scooter is a perfect gift for kids who do have some experience with scooters due to the fact that it offers them an innovative and new way that will help in kick starting their imagination. It comes with hand brakes which make it very easy to stop whenever your child needs to and also helps in making it easy for them to execute a number of tricks.



5. Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter

5.Micro Kickboard Maxi Original 3 Wheeled Lean to Steer Swiss Designed Micro Scooter for Kids
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Micro is a very popular scooter brand in the market that is known to come up with top quality scooters for kids. This Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter is a perfect choice for kids who are between 5-12 years old. It does have an appealing design and the coloring is attractive to the girls and boys in that age group. The wheels of this scooter are made from polyurethane that is the same material used in making skateboards. It will help in allowing the wheels to glide smoothly on different terrains both in the suburban and urban areas.

 Every part of this Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter is replaceable just in case one of its parts wears out and you still need to continue using the scooter. The package also comes with a hex wrench which can always be used in loosening or tightening the handlebar clamp.  This scooter is a very sturdy piece of toy as it is made using high quality and heavy duty material. It can easily be assembled and broken down whenever you need to transport it.   This scooter comes with an adjustable handlebar height which means that it can always be used by one child or many. The handles also offer great grip which is perfect for the little hands.

The Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter deck comes with lots of flex for carving which makes it possible for kids to make trickier moves after mastering the art of kicking, balancing or leaning to steer.  Its wheels go smooth on the model and quiet on carpets, tarmac and wooden decks.



6. Huffy Bicycle Company Disney Minnie Mouse Scooter

6.Huffy Bicycle Company Disney Minnie Mouse Preschool Scooter
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There is never a better way you can make your child explore than getting him or her huffy scooter. It is capable of handling a maximum weight of 60 lbs and can be used by kids who are higher than 37 inches. This scooter is well decorated by minnie Mouse graphics. There are vivid images of Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend together with her famous bow adorn on the non-slip deck, frame post, handlebar bin and wheels.

Huffy does offer a limited lifetime for the scooters. It is a three wheel construction which makes it more stable for the beginning riders who are still not able to balance themselves well. The third wheel helps in ensuring the weight of the child is evenly distributed making the kids have more confidence and ride. It is perfect for a toddler from 3 years old upwards.

This scooter comes with a handlebar storage bin that helps make it more fun during adventures and also convenient for the kids as they can place snacks, small toys and juice boxes in the toy. This scooter is made from a sturdy and durable steel frame which makes it last for a pretty long time.



7. 6KU 3 Wheels Kick Scooter

7.6KU 3 Wheels Kick Scooter for Kids and Toddlers Girls Boys
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This 6KU 3 Wheels Kick Scooter is among the best performing scooters for 6 year olds thanks to its great features and adjustable handlebars. It comes with a modern T-bar which you can use in lifting the lock to help in ensuring the right level of between 26-30 inches is achieved. The adjustable handlebar will allow your toddler to grow with this scooter instead of having to do multiple purchases.

This scooter is perfect for kids who are from 2.5 to 5 inches tall as it allows them to have confidence while controlling. It also comes with three LED wheels that flash brightly in every roll. The two front wheels are much larger than the one at the back which helps in offering better riding balance.  It does have a wide deck where a child can easily hop onto and still accommodate both his and her feet. The deck is also non-slip which helps in ensuring maximum safety whenever the child is playing outdoors.

The spinners of this scooter are made from durable material which will never leave any marks on the wooden floors. This will ensure the kid enjoys a very comfortable riding experience indoors as they continue practicing their movements and skills. It comes with an innovative lean to steer system that helps teach the kids to balance.  It is also light in weight which ensures better control as the kids continue developing their motor skills. It comes with rear brakes that come with a premium metal reinforcement for developing legs to ensure they stop with ease.

This 6KU 3 Wheels Kick Scooter comes already assembled and is also foldable which makes it quite easy to be transported and stored with lots of ease.



8. BELEEV Folding Scooter for Kids 2 Wheel Scooter

8.Beleev V1 Scooters for Kids 2 Wheel Folding Kick Scooter for Girls Boys
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This BELEEV Folding Kick Scooter for Kids 2 Wheel Scooter is a top scooter for kids who are 6 years old. This scooter comes with an adjustable handlebar meaning it is possible to adjust the T-bar from 27.6 inches to 31.5 inches up from the surface. It also comes with three adjustable height options which make it capable of accommodating kids from 4 years old to 12 years old.

The body of this BELEEV Folding Kick Scooter for Kids 2 Wheel Scooter is made using a sturdy aluminum alloy and steel and has a weight of only 5.9 lbs which makes it quite easy to carry around or maneuver. This scooter also features two LED flashlights that help in lighting up the wheels. It does not come with any batteries included and the lights get even brighter the faster your kids go. Be sure you will love this special feature that helps in making this scooter unique.

 This scooter comes already assembled hence one does not waste time setting it up. When you want to unfold this scooter, all you have to do is just loosen the clamp on the holding mechanism. Thereafter, you will pull the plastic lever up and hold onto the front slot. It is compact in size when folded which helps save lots of space. 

This two wheel scooter comes equipped with large wheels measuring 120mm and an ABEC 5 bearing shock absorbing system which helps in ensuring it offers a safer and smooth ride even on rough and uneven sidewalks and pavements. It also comes with extra thick handlebar foam that offers it more grip ensuring comfort.  This scooter is designed to withstand abuse and overuse of kids. It is also capable of supporting riders with a weight of over 143 lbs and its deck is low to the ground for stability purposes.



9. Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter

9 1
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Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter is a very popular 6 year old scooter in the market that will offer you little on more entertainment and fun. This scooter comes with lots of LED lights on the wheels and handlebar which makes it quite exciting for your kid to ride. The handlebar can easily be adjusted from 20 inches to 29 inches.  This means it can confidently serve kids between 6-8 years old although most parents find it more appropriate for kids of years old.

This scooter comes with anti-slip features. The handle and deck board comes with rubber grip which helps in reducing sweaty hands while at the same time it increases comfortable gripping. The boards matte texture helps in ensuring the kids are able to maintain their balance and focus on steering and kicking the scooter. Its rear brake is of great essence to the scooter since it helps riding it safer and offers more control. It is advisable that you prevent kids from riding this scooter on bumpy pavement to help in maintaining lighting system stability.

This scooter is lightweight and comes with a folding mechanism which helps make it portable making it quite easy for your child to handle it without lots of stress.  It is made with a sturdy and wide deck and its frame is durable which makes it remain in good condition for quite a  long time.



10. Allek Kick Scooter B02, Lean ‘N Glide Scooter

10.Allek Kick Scooter B02 Lean N Glide Scooter with Extra Wide PU Light Up Wheels and 4 Adjustable Heights for Children from 3 12yrs
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Allek is a new company in the market still not that popular like other established brands in the market. However, it is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its high quality scooters that are available at an affordable price.  This Allek Kick Scooter B02, Lean ‘N Glide Scooter is well built and a very rugged scooter which will offer your child great performance.

The Allek Kick Scooter B02, Lean ‘N Glide Scooter comes with a very rugged construction and made using quality components. It does have a rust proof aluminum alloy T-tube that has a deck which is well reinforced using fiberglass. It also comes with high elastic and wear resistant PU wheels which are great for shock absorption.  Its superior quality helps in ensuring smooth rides to the little kid.

It comes with a well-designed T-bar tube which can be positioned at four different height levels. This flexibility level enables one to use the scooter on four different kids. It also helps in ensuring the scooter is able to accommodate the kids as they continue growing up. It will also help in ensuring the scooter is able to accommodate the kids when growing up.

This Allek Kick Scooter B02, Lean ‘N Glide Scooter comes well equipped with a lean to steer technology. It means the scooter can easily be controlled by leaning the body of the rider instead of using the handlebar.  This best scooter for kids design will help in improving coordination and a balance of the kids. It also makes it easier for the kids to stop quickly.



Buyers Guide: Important Tips to Consider When Buying Best Scooter for 6 Year Old Kids

It is important that you choose the right scooter for your 6 year old child. However, the process of choosing the right scooter can be a bit challenging due to the wide variety of scooters currently available in the market. In this section, we will be looking at some of the important features one needs to put into consideration when shopping for the best scooter for a 6 year old.

Age of the Rider

One of the first things you need to consider is the age of the rider. It is advisable that you always get the right scooter that can be used by a child of that specified age range. When in the market for a scooter for your smaller kid or a beginner rider, it is recommended that you go for the three wheel scooter since they are very stable and come with lots of comfort. It is also important that you consider if the scooter can be used by a certain age range to ensure your child does not overgrow it quickly.

Riding Skill

Kids usually have different growth rates and at times it can be difficult to tell if a particular scooter is suitable for your child by just considering the age range.  It is advisable that you also put the child’s riding skill level into consideration. Consider if the child has previously been riding a scooter or if he or she is a beginner. If the child already knows to ride a scooter, you can consider going for a two wheel scooter as it will offer him or her joyful and thrilling ride.


Scooters are available in different sizes and come with different features. This simply means that they are available in varying price ranges. One great thing about scooters is that they never cost that much and can easily be afforded by people who are on a tight budget. In case you are in need of a higher quality scooter, then you will definitely have to part with more money. Never rush for the cheapest scooter in the market since there are high chances it is not that durable and cannot be used for a longer period of time.

Portability and Durability

The durability of the scooter is another important factor you can never afford to ignore whenever you are in the market for the best scooter for a 6 year old kid. No parent will want to return back to the market shopping for another scooter just because they went for one that cannot last for some time. However, durable scooters come at a price which most parents will always go for since it is cheaper on a long term basis.

Ensure the scooter is made from high quality materials. Check other components like deck, handlebar, wheels to ensure they are of superior quality and capable to last for a long period of time.

When shopping for the best scooter for 6 years old, ensure that you go for one that you can easily transport. Ensure that it is lightweight and portable to make it easier to transport. Going for a scooter with a lower weight means that the child will use lower push when maneuvering the scooter. The scooter’s weight capacity is important when buying a scooter. In most cases, the kids’ scooters do have a weight limit of between 100 lbs and 160 lbs.


Scooters are made using different materials. Most of the top scooters in the market are made using a stainless steel frame of aluminum alloy frame. One benefit that comes with scooters made from aluminum construction is that they are very robust and lightweight. Apart from the material used in making the frame, it is also advisable to check material used in making the scooters wheel, deck, handlebar, etc.


Scooters are made with wheels of two types. There are two wheeler scooters and three wheeler scooters. The three wheeler scooters are well known for their great balance and stability. They are perfect scooters for beginners or smaller kids. The two wheel scooters are perfect for kids who have some experience in using scooters. Ensure that when shopping for a two wheel scooter, they have high quality PU wheels that will make a smoother and enjoyable riding experience.


Deck refers to a component where kids usually place their legs whenever they are on the scooter. The scooter deck is also referred to as the pedal or kickboard. Ensure the scooter you are about to purchase comes with a spacious deck so that any child can place their legs comfortably and enjoy a great riding experience.  Ensure the deck comes with anti-slip texture that helps in offering better grip and preventing slipping. The deck should be of either high quality steel/aluminum or nylon polymer.

Brake Mechanism

Scooters normally have two types of braking mechanism. There is the foot brake and the hand brake. However, the hand brake is never that safe and is considered infrequent. The foot brake on the other hand is almost the entire scooter. It is also referred to as the rear fender brake. Ensure the scooter brake is well optimized to ensure a more natural stop and prevent any falling. It is also important to ensure that the scooter’s brake is well crafted from a high quality aluminum alloy.


When you are shopping for the best scooter for 6 year old kids, ensure that you are going for a product that comes with an adjustable handlebar. Get a scooter that comes with a handlebar that can easily be adjusted to different heights. Handlebars with such adjustability features will enable you to choose the right scooter height for your child. This will help in ensuring the scooter can grow with the child. The handlebar should also include a secured lock that helps in holding it to the most preferable height.


You need to ensure that the scooter you are about to purchase is correctly optimized for safe performance and that your little child will always be secure whenever they are enjoying themselves in that scooter. Before you purchase any scooter, ensure you take your time and read through previous customer reviews to know how to secure it. You can also prefer getting one that comes with a helmet as it helps in ensuring the safety of kids while they are riding.


Different scooters do come with different accessories. The accessories do not affect performance as such but they help increase fun levels to the rider. Some of the scooter accessories you need to keep an eye on are the sparkling cartridge, LED flashlights, colorful ribbon, etc. All these can help make riding scooters more exciting and enjoyable for any rider.

Benefits that come with Scooters for 6 Year old Kids

The best scooters for 6 year old kids are more than toys. They are mostly used as a development tool. Here are some of the benefits that come with using a scooter.

Development of gross motor skills

After the child has gone through the milestone of walking in their first 16 months, sitting, rolling over or crawling, it is time to get something that will help develop their gross motor skills. One perfect way to achieve that is by using a scooter. Riding the best scooter will help the child improve on his or her hand to eye coordination skills and will also help in building core muscles that are usually used in running, sitting, walking and standing.

Understanding the Directions

Have you ever thought that reading and scooters can have a close relationship? Scooters are a great way to help kids learn from their left to right from an early age and this can easily be transferred to reading.

Improving Confidence Levels

By encouraging a child to start using a scooter, you will be helping that child to improve on his or her levels of confidence. It will, however, take some time before they can get used to it but after they reach that milestone, they will have lots of confidence and courage. However, ensure you get the right scooter in regard to the age of the child. Getting a complex scooter that is beyond that child’s age will make it difficult for him or her to learn using a scooter and deprive the child of the much needed confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most parents always take their time to research the most frequent questions concerning the best scooters for 6 year old kids before they make any purchase. In this section, we will be looking at some of the frequently asked questions they need to put in mind.

What is the right age to get your child a scooter?

Whether a child can ride a scooter or not normally depends on his or her motor skills. Kids are known to achieve the scooter riding skills at different ages. There is no specific age that is said is perfect for a child to start using a scooter. However, their physical capability, size and activity are the best predictor if they are able to use a scooter or not. In most cases, if a child can walk without any support, they can as well start using a scooter.

Is it a great exercise to kick a scooter?

Kick scooter can be an excellent way to keep your kid physically and mentally fit. The mechanism of kicking a scooter is entirely manual, and the kid requires using his hands and legs every moment to control the vehicle. Riding a scooter can exercise the skeletal muscle, joint muscle, spines, abdominal, biceps, and triceps. More so, riding a scooter releases adrenaline hormone, which in return produces endorphins, that makes us “feel good.”

How does the kick scooter work?

Kick scooters use a straightforward mechanism. Since it will be working on your leg power, you will always have to push it against the ground using one leg while the other leg is on the deck helping with balancing. It helps in producing energy for the scooter to propel it forward. The harder you kick it, the more distance it will be able to cover in a single kick. Its handlebar should be held whenever kicking to help keep the scooter in the right direction.

How fast can a scooter go?

The scooter speed usually varied depending on a number of factors. Some of the factors that can determine the speed of a scooter are the strength of the rider, model and weight of the rider. A person can go two times faster whenever they are traveling on a scooter.

Is it possible to fold a razor scooter?

The fundability of a razor scooter normally depends on the type of scooter you are buying. There are a number of models currently available in the market from the brand razor. However, most of the razor scooters are never foldable.


Scooter is one of the best companions for any child. It will not only offer the child fun and enjoyment but also well for their physical health. Before we came up with our list of 10 best scooters for 6-year-old kids, we did analyze over 40 scooters and consulted 6 experts. We also read through customers reviews. However, to arrive at a particular choice that pleases you, you take your time and go through the buyer’s guide section.

It is also important that you take some of your time and try educating the child on how to safely use a scooter since when used wrongly they can lead to serious injuries. Spare some of your time and supervise the child whenever he or she is riding the scooter until such a time and he or she can confidently ride it. In case of any question, suggestion or addition, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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