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Welcome to BabyGearly.com, where we’ve got all your baby gear needs covered with top-notch reviews and super handy how-to guides. We’re all about helping you find the perfect products for your family, diving deep into product analysis and comparisons across a bunch of different categories.

Hey there! I’m Kaylene Chambers. My scientific background is a bit unique for a baby gear site. But here’s the deal: it’s taught me how to sift through loads of info and pick out what really matters, which comes in super handy when looking at baby products.

I’m a mother of six kids and with a brand-new grandbaby. I totally get how overwhelming it can be to choose the right stuff for your little ones. When my daughter and I were researching what gear was best for her baby, I realized a one-stop shop would prevent info overload. That’s why I started BabyGearly.com – to make your life a bit easier by bringing together all the essential info about baby gear in one spot.